Looking for more information on how to join First National ATM as a Distributor? 
The ATM Distributor program is a very lucrative career with little to no investment 
required, other than your time


    -         Offer you a top quality ATM at the lowest price available, which features the latest 
              technology and is fully compliant with all current and proposed processing network 
              regulations, i.e. Visa/MasterCard

    -         Will professionally Install the machine using certified technicians, bolting it to the
              ground with sturdy concrete anchor bolts to ensure the ATM stays safe and secure 
              Or we can assist you in installing yourself and you can earn the install fee!

    -Connect the ATM to all available processing networks to maximize your transactions

    -Route the transactions to ensure trouble free operation so that your customers stay happy and you earn the               maximum amount of residual income 

    -Provide you with free training on site selection, ATM operations, and accessing reports available on the                       ATM, online and even on your cell phone!

    -Provide FREE 24 hour tech support to quickly address any operational issues or questions 

    -Remotely monitor your ATM everyday to ensure continuous operation

    -Provide you with free online reporting of tranactions, cash balance, etc. – All from the comfort of your                           home or office PC


    -Decide whether you want to own the ATM, or sell it to the merchant, while still earning a residual income

    -Decide (if you choose to own the atm)how much to charge for each transaction - from zero to $5.00 or more 
              (We can help you)

    -Explain to the merchant how they can take cash from their register, or pick it up from their bank, and place it 
              into the ATM. Any cash withdrawn from their ATM is returned to their bank the next business day along with 
              their surcharge earnings!

    -Help the merchant reduce their credit card expenses and begin earning surcharge income instead of paying 
              high credit card fees

    -Build a residual income stream that will earn you a sizable income - even while your sleeping!

Need Help Getting Started?

If you have the ability to sell anything, we will assist you every step of the way with:

  • What do you say to potential site owners?
  • Professional Sales Assistance: Flyers, Tips, Conference Calling 
  • All agreements needed to sign up location and get them registered with the networks, i.e. VISA
  • Payment to sites
  • Should I own the ATM myself, or should I sell it to the location?

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