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Frequently Asked Questions
   About ATM Services
              Over 15 years experience in ATM Service
Please Call Us to Answer Any Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
   About ATM Services
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Where can I order supplies for my ATM?

  Contact us anytime at 1-888-971-3116

How long will it take to receive parts that I've ordered?

  Warranty orders received by 3pm EST are shipped next day air. ATM signage and supplies normally are delivered within 5 to 10 business days. 

Who can I call for ATM service and warranty work?

  Service for your ATM is just a phone call away. Our experienced technicians may be able to solve your ATM problem over the phone. Simply call our technical support desk at (888) 971-3116 and we can arrange for replacement parts and, if necessary, call out one of our nationwide service technicians to repair your ATM. We have local technicians in every US State and Canadian Province.

What should I do when a customer claims they did not receive the proper amount of cash from the ATM?

  The correct course of action would be to have the customer contact their financial institution directly to handle any reimbursement of funds. Have the customer keep their receipt, they will need to provide this information to their financial institution. Never give the customer monies from your store. The transaction will be taken care of by the ATM processor and the customer's financial institution. 

My ATM has an error message on the screen. What does this error message refer to?

  Coming soon, we will have an online error guide that will give you a description and a corrective action to your error codes. 
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My ATM says its out of service but there is no error message on the screen. What should I do?

  Many times the error code is only visible while you're in the "Operator Function" menu. When you enter the "Operator Function" menu the error will be displayed in the center of the screen. 

The error message that the ATM reports is not listed in the "error guide." What should I do?

  There are times when your ATM may have an error not listed in the guide. These errors are referred to as "undefined errors" and normally can be cleared by simply powering down the ATM and powering it up again. If the same error persists contact our technical support center at 888-696-7286 for further assistance. 

My ATM screen keeps reading "Connecting to host", then goes out of service. What does this mean?

  This indicates that there is a problem with the phone line. There are a few things you should check to narrow down the problem. 

1. Make sure the phone line coming out of the ATM is plugged into the phone jack in the wall. 

2. Plug a normal phone into the phone jack and see if you get a dial tone. 

3. If you get a dial tone, try dialing a number to see if the call connects properly. If all of these tests pass contact our technical support center at 888-971-3116  for further assistance. 

If you don't get a dial tone or the call does not connect, contact your phone company to check the line. 

I just replaced the receipt paper roll in the ATM, but all of the receipts are blank. What should I do?

  The receipt printer in your Hyosung or Genmega ATM is a thermal printer and will only print on one side of the paper. You can probably solve this by simply reversing the paper and re-feeding the paper back into the printer. 

What is the procedure for stocking cash in my Hyosung or Genmega ATM? 

  REPLENISHING CASH FOR Hyosung 1500 or Genmega ATM

1. From the "Welcome Screen", press the CLEAR, CANCEL and ENTER keys simultaneously. Then press the 1, 2 and 3 keys in order. 

2. Enter your 6 digit password 

3. At the "Operator Function" menu, select "Settlement". 

4. At the "Settlement" menu, select "Cassette Total". The "Cassette Total" info will be printed from the Receipt Printer. Save this receipt and compare to your cassette figures. Note: A "Cassette Total" resets the cassette figures back to zero. 

5. Open safe and remove cassette. Count money in cassette and in reject bin. Compare this total to the "Cassette Total". Record the amount of cash in cassette. 

6. Add new cash to cassette along with the old cash. Record the total amount of bills in cassette (old bills and new bills). 

7. At the "Settlement Menu" select "Add Cassette". 

8. Enter in the total amount of bills in cassette then press ENTER. Note: The window in the middle of the screen should read "Current # of bills =". Make sure that the # is correct. 

9. At the "Settlement" menu, select "Trial Cassette Total". This will print out a receipt and it will show the new amounts in the cassette. Press ENTER. Note: Make sure you perform a "Trial Cassette Total" and not a "Cassette Total" at this time. A "Cassette Total" will reset the #’s back to zero, causing the machine to go out of service. 

10. Press CANCEL until you get back to the "Welcome Screen". 

11. Verify that machine has an adequate amount of receipt paper left. 

12. Please call us at 877-696-7286 if there are any supplies needed, or if you have any problems during the replenishment.  

I need help opening the safe on my Hyosung or Genmega ATM.

Operating the Combination Lock on a Hyosung or Genmega ATM

At the top of the dial ring, an index is provided for normal dialing and opening. This is a precision lock, therefore, extreme care must be used to align the combination number with the index.

Turn the dial slowly and steadily. If after turning the correct number of revolutions, any number is turned beyond the index, the entire series of combination numbers must be re-dialed. 


Each time a selected number is aligned with the opening index, a revolution is counted. 

To Unlock on a Factory Setting - For Example "50-25-50" 

1. Turn the dial to the LEFT, stopping when "50" is aligned with the opening index, the FOURTH time. 

2. Turn the dial to the RIGHT, stopping when "25" is aligned with the opening index, the THIRD time. 

3. Turn the dial to the LEFT, stopping when "50" is aligned with the opening index, the SECOND time. 

4. Turn the dial slowly to the RIGHT until the bolt retracts. 

To Lock 1. Turn dial to the LEFT at least four full revolutions.  

I need help opening the Elock safe on my Hyosung or Genmega ATM

  Open/Close a Mas-Hamilton Electronic Lock

1. Power lock by briskly turning the dial back and forth in both directions until simultaneous green and red flashes display. 

2. Position dial to cover red bar and enter combination*. (Factory combination is "502550".) To cancel combination entry, press Clear. 

3. One slow green flash displays.

4. Dial right (clockwise) within ten second window to retract bolt. 

5. To close lock, dial left (counter clockwise) until red bar is covered (i.e., bolt is closed).

* Five wrong tries = 3 minute (maximum) lockout 

Each consecutive wrong try after first five = 3 minute lockout  

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